Greetings from Holy Apostles Mission

We welcome you to the website of Holy Apostles Orthodox Mission in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  We are a Mission of the Antiochian Archdiocese of North America, led by Metropolitan JOSEPH.  We are shepherded locally by our Diocesan Bishop, Bishop ANTHONY, and the Very Reverend Father Jason Blais, our pastor and priest.

We seek to follow Christ in the fullness of the Orthodox Christian Faith that has been lived and passed on for two thousand years.  Named after the Holy Apostles, we hope, through their prayers, to follow their example by entering into the life of God in Christ, and sharing that life with our community.

We invite you to come and see, to visit and participate with us in the life of worship of God and service to Him and our neighbor.

Click on any listing in the calendar to find out more information.

See our NEWS section for updates on parish and diocesan life.

2 responses to “Greetings from Holy Apostles Mission

  1. debbie

    Hello Father Michael or Father Jason, whoever gets this message. I have been trying to change the wording on this widget all morning with no success. I thought I would send an message and first see who gets it and then wind my way back through breadcrumbs and go through the backdoor. This widget is not listed on the site dashboard so it’s impossible to change. I know there are two ways to “contact” one here and one on the contact page so I want to see if they are connected.

  2. Hi, Debbie! This goes to me (FJ). I believe I updated this on Saturday, but it might still go to FM. Thanks for taking on the website!

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